Vibrating 24K Gold Beauty Bar Facial Skin Care Meixianzi Japan 6000 RPM

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Introducing the innovative Authentic Japanese Meixianzi 24k Gold Plated 6000 RPM Vibrating Beauty Bar from Japan. The Vibrating 24k Beauty Bar set includes: (1) 24K Gold Plated Vibrating Beauty Bar, (1) Black Velvet Drawstring Bag for Beauty Bar Storage, (1) Gold Organza Drawstring Bag For Beauty Bar Packaging Storage, (1) Beauty Bar Box Packaging. This item is brand new with packaging. The item is powered by (1) AA Battery (not included).
How it works: The 24K Gold Plated Beauty Bar is created to vibrate gently on your skin at a speed of 6000 rpm which stimulates blood circulation and collagen production, helping improve skin elasticity, texture, and appearance. 
With consistent makeup application day in day out and other environmental stressors, we are continuously clogging our pores with talcs, silicones, and many other foreign materials. While you can remove a superficial layer of those toxins with Makeup Remover Wipes, Oil Cleansers, and Clarifiers, there is still a good amount of toxins left in your pores that can only be removed with the most gentle and advanced technology. This is where the Vibrating 24k Gold Plated Beauty Bar From Meixianzi comes in! As you gently glide the beauty bar across your face, focusing on key organ connection sites (research chinese face mapping for more info), the vibrating 24k gold beauty bar gently vibrates on your skin at a rate of 6,000 rhythms per minute (rpm). This encourages Blood Circulation which then naturally forces your pores to "purge" the unwanted toxins our body soaks up naturally throughout the day. As you can see, this is great for acne prone, prematurely aging, or any kind of problematic skin since it encourages healing from within naturally. To really up the benefits of the 24k Gold Plated Beauty Bar, try using it with a Mask (the Guerlain Super Aqua Optimum Hydration Mask is a perfect pairing and also carried in our store)! The 24K Gold Plated Beauty Bar is waterproof so you can use it with any beauty product or in the bathroom (just do not submerge the entire bar handle within water).
Material:T-shape Massage Pulsating Head is Solid Gold Plated (since each Beauty Bar is uniquely handmade there may be difference in plating patterns and surface textures on the T-shape massage head).  No bar is alike and made specially unique for you!!!